First snow experience

first snowfall experience.

True happiness is when you forget about everything else and be present in the moment.

Here i am again,with lots of love and happiness in my heart,my heart is full and overflowing ,i don’t how know long this will last ,but i will try my best to keep feeding this joy.

Kedarkantha Post 1

This trip was not just any other trip to the mountains.

It was a test for my faith in nature, goodness, love and myself.

It was a test of my intuitions,judgements and special friendships,and for a change i was prepared to fail ,happily, because there was nothing to loose.


After a lot of confusion, contemplation and skepticism,i confirmed this one in my head just a week prior to departure, though i was preparing physically i wasn’t prepared mentally until the last 7 days.

As a child i was very dreamy ,some of my dreams were creative some cliche,one of those cliched dreams was the dream of seeing, touching and playing with snow,may be i was manifesting this since then,because once i recieved it,i recieved it in abundance,lots and lots of snow, enough to gratify my need,to recieve something after years and years of yearning is very special and cannot be expressed in mere words,i am very grateful ,i could not believe my eyes for a while i still cannot believe at times i could do this, experience this, I’m still awestruck and intrigued in the way nature functions,good things happen, when one is least expecting.

All of it still seems to be a figment of my imagination,like a far fatched dream,which very momentarily slid into my conscious being.

Very grateful

The ecstacy of seeing /doing/experiencing something for the first time,is and will always be unmatched,that is the reason, which makes me go back to the mountains again and again,each mountain is different ,each one of them makes you experience something unique and authentic.

As a dear friend and co-traveler says ,the mountains let you see and experience their beauty only if they want to and you have to work hard for it,they take a part of you and give back changes some times big sometimes small but something within you always changes,isn’t this analogous to our experience with life?same working hard reaching a goal , enjoying then coming down,but don’t we all forget this?isn’t this what we should remind ourselves again and again?

No words can express the joy.

I am truly inspired, hopeful and my heart is full of gratitude upto the brim.

Also i plan to build new dreams .

New dreams of spreading love, being more kind, accepting the things that i have and being thankful for the same.

Yes i have found the purpose of my life,yes i know this will also change,but i am ready i know now nothing in life is meant to be permanent,i am freeing myself of expectations of forever ‘i am letting my cows go’ .I am content for the time being and excited to see what life has in store for me .

Happy traveling,

happy 2020